One Step Forward Two Steps Back - The White House (2017), 12 performers, 24 hour live performance, White House, Washington DC.

12 performers dressed in black, performed in silence a simple choreography; one step forward and two steps back, for a cycle of twenty-four hours. They alternated in groups of two, on the sidewalk of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, from 05:12 am of June 3, to 05:12 am of June 4, 2017, disrupting the continuity of the surroundings. The choreography amounts to a backward movement that eventually locates the performers away from the White House, until a new couple of performers arrive and continue the cycle. The continuous backwards movement of the performers, becomes a metaphor for sociopolitical regression, but also an act of defiance, a silent display of civil disobedience, in a politicaly contested public domain. For the incospicious tourist and the passerby, it is an invitation and a barrier for inner reflection in front of the ultimate symbol of global power.