Geometry of Fear (2012), Single channel video installation, DigiBeta 6 robotic cameras. Duration 7:57

The Greek Parliament is intimately linked to the history of the Modern Greek state. Initially, the building served as the palace of the Greek Kings of German descent, Otto and George I. In 1935, a hundred years after it was constructed, it became the Parliament and Senate building, marking a new political era.

In 2012, Greece was on the verge of an economic collapse and its imminent exit from the Eurozone became known as Grexit. The two successive national elections, the first on May 10th and the second on June 17th left Greece for 37 days without government. For the first time in its history, there were no plenary sessions in the Greek Parliament.

During that time of non governance, I requested permission to film the vacant interior of the plenary hall. It's perhaps the only time that the Greek Parliament is documented empty without its protagonists. The film captures a unique moment of stillness, in the midst of domestic and international political turmoil.