Project Syntagma (2016), multimedia installation and performance. 3 vitrine tables, 3 cube monitors, 3 original LP's, used posters, maps, documents, archival photos.

Project Syntagma, focuses on the Syntagma Square, in down town Athens, as a politically contested territory. Having as part of the title the word ‘Syntagma’ (in English, ‘Constitution’), the work references the major political and social changes that are connected with the long history of the square. From the Greek junta, to political campaigns and the recent anti-austerity demonstrations of the indignados, the Syntagma Square is the epicenter of politics in Greece.

The project brings together different independent works and different disciplines, as well as archival photographs, audio documents and transcripts of several political speeches that took place in the square, alongside a series of performances, happenings and interventions around Syntagma Square itself. With these interventions, Tsivopoulos attempts to disrupt the daily life of the square, aiming for a dialogue with the square's history of sociopolitical turmoil and unrest. Traces of these interventions are preserved and presented in the gallery alongside other archival material creating an interdisciplinary installation, in which each object is the result of a direct dialogue with the public domain.