AMNESIALAND, 2010, Super 16mm transferred on Blu-ray DISC, single channel video installation. Duration 24 min.

Amnesialand is a documentary-science fiction that questions our ideas about images andhistory, about collective memory and forgetting.

Until the early 20th century La Union was a thriving mining community in the region of Murcia. It was a driving force behind the exhilarating accumulationof wealth and the establishment of the bourgeoisie in the port city of Cartagena. It also produced a history of human exploitation, the exhaustion of natural resources and an environmental catastrophe that lasts to this day. In our post-fordist times, La Union has turned into wasteland.

In Amnesialand, a meditative narration offers a future world where images do no longer exist. An event that by definition cannot be remembered erased digital and physical archives, challenging humans' need to illustrate and document reality. Visual history as we know it was deleted and oral history met a hiatus moving backwards into time, blurring boundaries between reality and fiction. Amnesialand not only presupposes a black hole where Past used to be, it simultaneously triggers different perceptions toward the passing of time and its physical and psychological leftovers that we call archives.

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