Overlapping | 5th Bucharest Biennial for young artists

Overlapping | 5th Bucharest Biennial for young artists

“Overlapping Biennial” is the title of the new edition of “The Biennial of Young Artists” and it will take place in Bucharest in October 2012. This edition proposes an innovative concept not only from the perspective of the events organized by META Cultural Foundation so far, but also from the perspective of visual art Biennials from all over the world.

We will keep the slogan of every biennial that took place in the past years – “Art is always somewhere else”, but we will take it to whole new level with a different structure.

Considering the fact that almost every biennial is looking for a new configuration, a new shape and that the curatorial programs and discourses tend to replace the artistic ones, we plan to combine these two ideas.

This event will overlap, interlace, will have a different approach to all these discourses related to a phenomena which is becoming increasingly spread at global level: the Biennial. Each artist and each curator have their own perception regarding the structure of a biennial and we are interested to see how all these different approaches form the layers of a single event.

“Overlapping Biennial” is going to be mostly a virtual event where the only connection between reality and the virtual world will be made through a totally neutral visual representation (a matrix barcode – QR code).