Stefanos Tsivopoulos
Greek, Born 1973. Lives and works between Amsterdam and New York.


2011 ISCP, New York, US
2010 IASPIS, Stockholm, SE
2009 Platform Garanti, Istanbul, TR
2008 Project Studio Berlin, DE
2006 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
2005 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL


2012 Mondriaan Fund for the Visual Arts Production Stipend
2011 Mondriaan Fund for the Visual Arts Publication Stipend
2010 ‘The Future of Europe’,  Award, shortlisted 7th edition, Leipzig
2009 Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
2009 J.F. Costopoulos Foundation
2009 Niarchos Foundation
2008 Winner Golden Cube Award, 25th Dokfest, Kasseler Kunstverein
2008 Dutch Film Funds for Research and Development
2008 Dutch Funds for the Visual Arts BKVB
2006 'Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - "Van Eck-Vollgraff Fonds"'
2006 Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
2006 Van Bijneveld Fellowship
2005 Loudon Fellowship
2005 Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
2005 Shortlisted, DESTE Foundation Award, Athens



History Zero, (solo) MuCEM, Curated by Jean-Roch Bouiller, Marseille
History Zero, (solo) Cycladic Art Museum, Curated by Syrago Tsiara, Athens
History Zero, (solo) State Museum of Contemporary Art, Curated by Syrago Tsiara, Thessaloniki
Synapses, (solo) Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Curated by Matteo Luchetti, Milan
The Invisible Hand: Curating as Gesture, 2nd CAFAM Biennale, Curated by Hu Danjie, Beijing
TV as Material 3: The Television Studio, Tate Modern, Curated by George Clark and Maeve Connolly, London
Agitationism, EVA Biennale Limmerick, Curated by Bassam el Baroni, Limmerick
Encountering: New Art on the Silk Road, 2nd Xinjiang Biennale, Curated by Peng Feng, China
Déplier l'Histoire, Archives et Art Contemporain, L'Iselp, Curated by Eric van Essche, Brussels
History Zero, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Curated by Pernille Fonnesbech, Copenhagen
What is to Come Has Already Arrived, CAAC, Curated by Alicia Murría, Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes, Sevilla
Treasure Island, NiMAC and Pierides Foundation, Curated by Y. Toumazis, L. Michaelidou, A. Onar, D. Pasia, Nicosia

Hans im Gluck - Kunst & Kapital, Lehmbruck Museum, Curated by Soke Dinkla, Duisburg
UHF42, Apexart, Wattan TV Ramallah, curated by Mike Crane, Palestine
History Zero, Film program, Kalfayan Galleries Art Basel Miami
Amnesialand, Film program, Kalfayan Galleries Cologne Art Fair, Cologne
The ghosts of the monument, Vienna Festwochen, curated by Dmitry Vilensky / Chto Delat, Vienna
History Zero, (solo) Pavilion of Greece, 55th la Biennale di Venezia, International Art Exhibition, Curated by Syrago Tsiara, Venice
History Zero, (solo) Stella Art Foundation, Curated by Syrago Tsiara, Moscow
History Zero, (solo) Art Basel Miami, Kalfayan Galleries, Florida
Ici, Ailleurs, Friche la Belle de Mai, curated by Juliette Laffon, Marseille
Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin/Mardid, Haus Der Culturen Der Welt, Berlin
La collection impossible, Frac Alsace Fondation Fernet-Branca, curated by Roland Recht, Saint-Louis
The Future Starts Here (solo) Eleourgio Oil Factory, curated by Syrago Tsiara, Elefsina,
Anatomy of Integration, 4th Sculpture Quadrennial Riga, Latvia
Curated by Inese Baranovska, Aigars Bikse, Ivars Drulle
Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin/Mardid, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
‘Extraction’, Exchange the Penzance Convention, cur. Teresa Gleadowe, Cornwall
‘Scramble for History’, SALT Istanbul, cur. November Paynter, Istanbul
‘Moving Image’, Art fair, cur. Berta Sichel, El. Neilson, Victor Misiano, New York
‘Invisible Monuments’, La Galerie, Contemporary Art Centre, cur. C. Paissan, Paris
‘True Stories’, Locks gallery, cur. Lilly Wei, Philadelphia
‘The Vesper Civic Forum in Five Acts’, Garibaldi Theater, cur. Marco Scotini, Sicily
‘Representing Nothing’,The Agency Gallery, cur. Bea de Souza, London
‘Overlaping’, 5th Bucharest Biennial for young artists, cur. Hilde de Bruijn, Bucharest
‘Between Worlds’, BLOK Urban festival, cur. Ana kutlesa, Zagreb
‘Desertmed’, Neu Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, cur. Marina Sorbello, Berlin
'Places of Memory - Fields of Vision', State Museum of Contemporary Art, cur. Syrago Tsiara, Thessaloniki 


‘Borrowed Knowledge’, ISCP New York (solo)
‘Amnesialand’, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milano (solo)
‘Suspended Spaces’, Centre Pompidou, Paris
‘98 WEEKS Project’, cur. Gaia Casagrande e Barbara Goretti, Beirut, Lebanon
‘Amnesialand’, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, ARCO, Madrid
‘Continuity’, Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Slovenia
‘Drifting Station’, Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, cur. Stefan Rusu, Vienna
‘Island Artists’, Manarat Museum, cur. Fabrice Bousteau, Abu Dhabi
‘The Carousel Collection’, Corner College Zurich, cur. Triin Tamm, Zurich


‘The Real The Story The Storyteller’, Smart Project Space, cur. H. de Bruijn, Amsterdam (solo)
‘Amnesialand’, Heidelberg Kunstverrein, cur. Johan Holten, Heidelberg (solo)
‘The Rest is History’, Manifesta 8 Murcia, cur. CPS, Spain
‘The Blind Dates Project’, Pratt Galleries, cur. N.Melkonian, D.Ayas, New York
‘Practising Memory’, Fondazione Pistoletto, cur. Matteo Lucchetti, Biella
‘FAQ Serbia’, Austrian Cultural Forum, cur. B. Dimitrijevic, A. Stadler, New York
‘Hors Pistes-Un Autre Mouvement des images’ , Centre Pompidou, Paris
‘On Morality-Act III’, Witte de With, cur. Zoe Gray, Rotterdam
‘Out of Tracks’, Pera Museum, cur. Geraldine Gomez, Istanbul
‘And the moral of the story is...’, APEXART, cur. Zoe Gray, New York
‘Coup de Ville’, Warp, cur. Stef van Bellingen, Jan Hoet, St.Niklaas
‘Que Vive’, II Moscow Biennial for Young Art, Moscow
‘Indefinite Destinations’, DEPO, cur. O.Ozsoy, V. Nozharova, Istanbul
‘Politics of Art’, Museum of Contemporary Art Athens, Athens
‘Suspended Spaces’, Museum of Contemporary Art Amiens, Amiens
‘Greek Contemporary Art’, Uqbar project Space, cur. I.T.P, Berlin
‘Islands Never Found’, Fondazione Solares, cur.L. Hegyi, K. Koskina, Genova


‘Lost Monument’, Art Forum Berlin, Focus, Berlin (solo)
‘The Real The Story The Storyteller’, Tribute 5 films, Film Festival Rodos (solo)
‘Untitled (In Plato's Cave)’, Alpha Delta Gallery, Athens (solo)
‘One Giant Leap’, BFI Southbank cur. E. Fabrizi, P. Bonaventura, London
‘Monument To Transformation’, City Gallery, V. Havranek, Z.Baladran, Prague
‘Reading the city’ Open ev+a, Limerick, cur. A. Nollert, Y. Dziewior, Ireland
‘Remap 2’, 2nd Athens Biennial, cur. Mar. Fokides, Athens
‘In Retrospect’, Impakt Festival Panorama, cur. A. Dunnewind, Utrecht
‘Political Iconography II’, Jette Rudolph Gallery, Berlin
‘Expanded Box’, ARCO, cur. Carolina Grau, Madrid
‘Land’, Museum of Contemporary Art Athens, cur. A. Kafetsi, Athens
‘The First Image’ Center of Contemporary Art Sete, cur. D.Zacharopoulos, Sete
‘Ataxies’, Beltsios Collection, cur. R. Palanda, Amfilochia
‘Man and woman He made them’, cur. P. Fransman, Maastricht
‘The First Image’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki


‘The Real The Story The Storyteller’, cur. A. Nikitovic, Salon Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (solo)
‘Monitoring’, Kasseler Kunstverein Friedericianum, cur. G.Wissner, Kassel
‘Revolution I Love you’, International Project Space, Birmingham
‘Salon of the Revolution’, October Salon, cur. Ant. Majaca & Iv. Bago, Zagreb
‘Spaport’, Museum of Contemporary art Banja Luka, cur. Ana Nikitovic, Bosnia
‘Revolution I love you’, Trafo Gallery, cur. M. and R. Fowkes, Budapest
‘Transexperience Greece’, 798 Space, cur. Anna Kafetsi, Beijing
‘What Does New and Interesting Mean?’ Alpha Delta Gallery, Athens
‘The Archive’, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, cur. Marco Scotini, Milan
‘Revolution I love you’, cur. M.R. Fowkes, Contemporary Art Center Thessaloniki
‘Mourmouring images', Centre Photographique, cur. S. Carrayrou, Paris


‘Land’, Bytheway Projects, Amsterdam (solo)
‘In Present Tense’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
‘Destroy Athens’, 1st Athens Biennial, cur. XYZ (Xenia Kalpatsoglou, Poka-Yio, Augustine Zenakos), Athens
‘Her(His)tory’, Cycladic Museum, cur. Marina Fokidis, Athens
‘Close Connections’ SMBA en de Balie, De Balie, cur. Jelle Bouwhuis, Amsterdam
‘Topoi’ Benaki Museum, cur. Denys Zacharopoulos, Athens
‘Maid in greece’, 1st Thessaloniki Biennial, cur. Th. Stefanidou, Thessaloniki
‘Who’s There?’ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art ,cur.D.Zacharopoulos, Thessaloniki
'Topos Eggonopoulos', Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, cur. D. Zacharopoulos, Thessaloniki


'Open Ateliers', Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
'An Outing’, Beltsios Collection, cur. Sotirios Bachtsetzis, Trikala
‘Spring fever', Montevideo, cur. Dominique Busch, Amsterdam
'Apolis', American Hellenic Union, cur. Kostis Velonis, Athens
‘What Remains is Future’, Arsakio, cur. Nadja Argyropooulou, Patras
'Changing Horizons', De Vishal, cur. Johan Deumens, Haarlem
'Crossing the Borders', State Museum of Thessaloniki
‘In Transition’ Neme/IMCA, Lanitis Art Center, cur. Helen Black, Lemesos


‘Couple’, Museum Het Domein, cur. by Stijn Huijts, Sittard (solo)
‘True Fiction’, cur. Ranti Tjan, Museum of Contemporary Art Gouda (solo)
'Safe / Not Safe', SAFE Contemporary Art Center, Zwolle (solo)
‘Between Experience and Experiment’, Alpha Delta Gallery, Athens (solo)
'Open Ateliers', Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
Townhouse gallery, cur. Halla Elkousy, Cairo
'Hotspots', Sammlung Essl, cur. Helen Verhoeven, Vienna
'4th Deste Prize’, Deste Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, Athens
'e-flux', video rental, Manifesta Office, Amsterdam


‘Coffee Break’, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
‘Decoding Cyprus’, Manifesta Foundation, Amsterdam
'Kunst Vlaai #5', Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
‘World Wide Video’ festival, Amsterdam
'Decoding Europe', Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Avecom festival, Arnhem


'Parasite Paradise' SKOR Leidsche Rijn, cur. Tom van Gestel, Utrecht
'De Een Minuten Nu', Montevideo, Amsterdam
'React', International Media Festival, Heidelberg
'Pure Nature', Sint Nicolaas Kerk, Amsterdam
'Real' Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Arnhem
'Rubbit', Consortium Galery, Amsterdam




‘The Future Starts Here’, Aischylia Festival, text by Syrago Tsiara, Elefsina
‘Anatomy of Integration’, 4th Sculpture Quadrennial Riga, edit by Adris Riga
‘Between Worlds’, BLOK Urban festival, text by Ana Kutlesa, Zagreb
‘Archive Public’, Exhibition-Publication, edit by P. Kouros & E. Karamba, Patras
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text by Thephilos Tramboulis
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‘Who’s There?’ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, text Denys Zacharopoulos


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Other Activities

MSGA Biennial, Conference at New York University, Aesthetics of Dictatorship, 2011, USA
Lecture at Parsons New School, Image and Media, 2011, USA
Lecture and presentation at IASPIS, Amnesialand, 2010, Sweden
Round table, On Documentary and Fiction, moderated by Mats Stjernstedt, IASPIS, 2010, Sweden
Jury member selection commitee Deste Prize Athens 2009, Greece
Jury member Kasseler Documentary Festival 2009, Germany
Tutor at the workshop, Back to the Present, Tuscany, 2009, Italy
Founder and Editor of the Spot magazine, ongoing

Represented by

Kalfayan Galleries Athens/ Thessaloniki

Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milan, It