Lost Monument, 2009, Multifaceted installation, HD cam transferred to Blu-ray, 16:9 Color, 27 min,
22 b&w archive photos, each 20 cm x 20 cm. (Megaloikonomou News Archive),
9 b&w archive photos, each 40 x 30 cm, (Municipal Restoration Department Athens)
Film archive, 16mm transferred on DVD, 45 sec. (Greek Ministry of Press Archives)
News clips, Digi beta transferred on DVD, 1 min 20 sec. (Greek Radio Television Archive).

Lost Monument is a complex tale built around a controversial monument, a 4 meter bronze statue of former American president Harry S. Truman. The monument is located in downtown Athens, Greece, next to the historic triangle of the Acropolis, Greek Parliament and Panathinaiko Stadium. Ever since its erection in 1963 as a commemoration to the Truman Doctrine, the monument has been a favorite target of citizens wishing to express their opposition to the very idea of placing a US president’s statue in the capital city of Greece.

Lost Monument, brings together a wide variety of photographic archives, found footage, and newsreels, which depict the transportation, the erection, the violent removal and the terrorist attacks against the statue, in the form of a museum exhibit. Together with the archival installation Tsivopoulos presents his own film, a cinematic work that epitomizes the core concept of the research. In his film though, history retreats in favor of allegory and poetry woven with fiction.