I REBEL THEREFOR WE EXIST, (2012) multifaceted video installation, two channel video projection with archival photographs and film transferred on Bluray, reading table, 4 dossiers with archival documents, industrial products, 9 tubes with oil byproducts, 100gr of grey cement, a steel tube of 0.5 cm thickness, 9 medium range amunition for rocketery, 4 industrial uniforms. Photographic and film archives are donated by ERT, Kalomenides, Tsakos, Elefsina workers Union.

The title is a line from Albert Camus' book I Rebel and relates the current crisis to the history of the labor movement in Greece. The presentation draws on several months of research in the archives of industries, the union center, the Greek National Radio Television and other public and private collections. All of the material is presented in a installation set up with several vertical video projections, reading tables, and other display elements for the archival material.