STAGE FOR POLITICAL ENACTMENT | CASTORIADES MARATHON, (2012) Improvised performance, duration variable.

The Stage for Political Enactment - Castoriadis Marathon, presents excerpts from texts of the Greek philosopher Cornilios Castoriadis. The texts belong to a series of public lectures given by Castoriadis in Greece in the '80s. The main topics are related to "The ecological crisis, the extreme inequality of the division of wealth between rich countries and poor countries, the near-impossibility of the system to continue on its present course. The new imaginary creation of a size unparalleled in the past".The selection of texts reveals the connection between the crisis of today and the prophetic thought of Castoriadis. The performance also re-enacts several dialogues between Castoriadis and the audience. People from the audiennce, of different ages, can perform the reading of the texts. Each one reads successively for approximately 15 minutes, for the duration of the exhibition.